Cartier is the sum of all the talents we have brought together. From the most senior members to the youngest recruits, including the quartet of partners, all of our people contribute to Cartier. Although we’re on the 8th floor, our approach remains resolutely horizontal: we work together on an equal footing. This is how we manage to rise.

  • Daphnée Lortie St-Georges

    Daphnée Lortie St-Georges

    Account Supervisor

  • Catherine Lapointe

    Catherine Lapointe

    Consulting manager

  • Sandra St-Pierre

    Sandra St-Pierre

    Production Department Manager

  • Pierre Rochefort

    Pierre Rochefort

    Computer Technician and Web Programmer

  • Candice Kitagawa

    Candice Kitagawa

    Consulting supervisor

  • Andrea Monge

    Andrea Monge

    Media analyst

  • Thierry Lessard

    Thierry Lessard

    Head, Data and Technologies

  • Nadine Lungu

    Nadine Lungu

    Accounting Technician

  • Karine Viger

    Karine Viger


  • Guillaume Denault

    Guillaume Denault


  • Marc-André Giard

    Marc-André Giard

    Media Strategist

  • Arnaud Deneux

    Arnaud Deneux

    Artistic Director

  • Marie-Philip Lamarche

    Marie-Philip Lamarche

    Account Supervisor

  • Marylène Rochefort

    Marylène Rochefort

    Production Director

  • Amélie Martin

    Amélie Martin


  • Marlène Cogez

    Marlène Cogez

    Graphic Designer

  • Jérémie Brassard

    Jérémie Brassard

    Content Creator

  • François Brisson

    François Brisson

    Retoucher, animator and video editor

  • Solenne Leost

    Solenne Leost

    Graphic designer

  • Julie Ménard

    Julie Ménard

    Project Manager

  • Maude Campeau

    Maude Campeau

    Account Supervisor

  • Hady Gemayel

    Hady Gemayel

    Director of Finance and Administration

  • Daniel Beaumont

    Daniel Beaumont

    Creative Director and Copywriter