Production: what’s it good for?

We’re not talking about The Miracle on 34th Street this year, but rather about all the little miracles that happen in the production department all the time and that we want to highlight in these last few days before the Holidays.

Although strategy and creative are often centre stage, led by the masterly hand of an experienced (and most importantly, organized) member of our client services department, sometimes we ask how all the executions of a campaign arrive at their destinations on time. Santa’s elves? Ahhhh, no. The answer is simple: the production team ensures that everything that has been created comes to life in the daily lives of the general public.

The legs of the creative product
If we had to define in a few words the mission of a production studio, we could summarize it in this way: a team that breathes life into what the creative department has imagined. Whatever the format — print, digital, video – the studio is the last link in the advertising chain before it is delivered to communication channels.

Once the overall concept and the lay-outs have been approved by the client, it’s time for the studio to take over and make things happen. First, they have to put all the campaign’s executions in the proper format. Because, beyond the main visual of a campaign, there may be hundreds of pieces that must be produced for a complete campaign to be realized. Even if we only look at the digital aspect, different banners may be deployed in multiple formats, and it’s up to the studio to ensure that the essence of the concept is preserved in every execution, in addition to making certain that all technical specifications are respected: format, resolution, graphic norms, etc. In the case of banners or special projects (for example, an insertion in La Presse+) there are also a host of programming issues and motion design considerations to be taken into account.

The guardians of your brand
The studio ensures that everything that is produced respects the quality and standards of the client: the team is the guardian of your brand. Which means, sometimes, asking other departments to adjust their timetables because of issues of feasibility. The studio is the last link in the advertising chain before delivering creative to communication platforms. The studio team is responsible for quality control and makes sure that graphic norms are respected to the letter, in addition to technical specifications and restrictions (for example, legibility norms) connected with each medium and each format, whatever they may be. The studio is also responsible for a final proofreading, because every detail matters and every execution must be perfect when delivered.

The Cartier offer
Cartier has its own internal studio that brings together many different fields of expertise: computer graphics specialists, graphic designers, project managers, Web programmers, videographers, photo retouchers, etc. It’s an agency within an agency, in a certain sense. In fact, certain mandates go directly to them, notably when further executions are required for an existing campaign, laying out an Annual Report, or when deadlines require an immediate turn-around. Because the strength of this dedicated team lies in its flexibility and its ability to always deliver on time, even when, in certain cases, the deadlines seem impossible to meet.

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